Reality TV Home Buying Myths

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So many of us like to watch those TV shows that take us along as the real estate agent finds the client their dream home.  But, how much of what we see is real?  Here is the reality:

Myth #1  Buyers find their dream home after only looking at three houses?

Reality:  In 2018 the National Association of Realtors published a report entitled  Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers that stated: "Buyers typically searched for 10 weeks and looked at a median of 10 homes."  Although the average is 10 I find that some buyers find their next home after viewing as few as 5 homes and others might look for months.  As far as the show, all of the homes are staged and a lot of them are not really homes that are for sale.

Myth #2  Houses will always sell at an open house.

Reality: Definitely not true.  Open houses are important as they expose the house to many more potential buyers.  However, most homes sell at scheduled showing appointments.

Myth #3  Homeowners decide to list their house after a 5-minute listing appointment.

Reality: The decision to sell your home is a long process unless there is a driving factor such as a job relocation.  Most people will talk about it for months before interviewing 2 or 3 different agents.  At Coldwell Banker, we try to keep the listing appointment short with a  powerful 12-minute 'Marketing You Home' presentation which highlights the incomparably diverse marketing we offer.  And, answering the homeowner's questions will add considerably more time.