Getting You Home Ready for the Cold Weather Ahead

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Winter in Placer, Nevada, and El Dorado counties varies depending on your elevation.  We can go from feet-deep snow to torrential downpours.  Preparing for winter may not feel necessary at this time of year but starting now will help you make sure your home is in great shape for fall and winter.  When you are prepared for that first surprise freeze or snow you can rest easy.

Get Your Most Important Appliance Inspected

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Staying warm inside your home is essential during cold weather.  That's why having your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) serviced is so important.  The tech will go through your entire system to ensure your appliance is in its best running form for the season ahead.  And on that note, don’t forget to check your filter once a month.


Getting Ready for Those Cozy Crackling Fires


One of the most important safety steps you can take for yourself and your family is to have a thorough inspection and cleaning of your chimney.

Make an appointment with a local licensed Chimney Sweep.  They are fully equipped to make certain your fireplace, woodstove and chimney are clean and safe by clearing obstructions, checking the damper, checking the chimney for drafts, cleaning the chimney, and inspecting the firebrick.

Note: If you use a wood stove for heat frequently it should be inspected yearly.

Declutter Before the Holidays

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My mom would do a deep clean in the spring and a once-over declutter in the fall.  She said the less cluttered your home is the less cluttered your mind.  Boy was she right!

The prospect of decluttering can be daunting unless you have a good idea of how to proceed.  Do only what you have the mental and physical energy for.  It is ok to stop with one drawer, one closet, or after one hour.  Before you start, be prepared to sort into containers:

  • Put away: Items that have crept out of their designated storage spaces
  • Fix/mend: Items that need something before they're put away, such as a shirt with a missing button
  • Recycle: Items that can be recycled
  • Trash: for items to toss in the trash can
  • Donate: Unwanted items that are still in good condition and can be donated to a charitable organization or another person

(Regarding the “donate” – I like to check with family and friends before I donate things – you never know what another person has been wanting or looking for)


Things to do on the outside of your house

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Here are some great links I have found very useful.  Hope this helps!